I am an Education Architect on the Certification & Training team at Elastic! I build technical courseware and certification programs. I travel the world teaching the public about the open source software Elasticsearch and other Elastic products.

Prior to working at Elastic, I was an academic. This website contains some information about research I worked on in the field of computational and applied topology.

For my dissertation, I built triangulated high-dimensional objects (simplicial complexes) that have interesting properties and then used them as test objects to improve heuristic algorithms in topological software.

I was an Arthur J. Krener Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Davis from 2015-2017. I have a PhD (technically a Dr.rer.nat) from TU Berlin. My doctoral studies were supported by the Berlin Mathematical School. My doctoral supervisors were Frank Lutz and John Sullivan. Konstantin Mischaikow was also on my dissertation committee. I have been advised by Michael JoswigGünter ZieglerBruno Benedetti, and Carsten Lange.

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Mimi Tsuruga
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