Library of
Complicated Triangulations of Spheres

by   Frank H. Lutz   and   Mimi Tsuruga

The following table catalogs some complicated triangulations of 4-dimensional spheres. For a detailed description of the construction of these examples and additional references see:

Frank H. Lutz   and   Mimi Tsuruga.   Constructing complicated spheres.

Contact Mimi to obtain larger examples.

See also: Library of Triangulations by   Bruno Benedetti   and   Frank H. Lutz.

3 AK_I_003 AK_II_003 AK_III_003
4 AK_I_004 AK_II_004 AK_III_004
5 AK_I_005 AK_II_005 AK_III_005
6 AK_I_006 AK_II_006 AK_III_006
7 AK_I_007 AK_II_007 AK_III_007
8 AK_I_008 AK_II_008 AK_III_008
9 AK_I_009 AK_II_009 AK_III_009
10 AK_I_010 AK_II_010 AK_III_010
11 AK_I_011 AK_II_011 AK_III_011
12 AK_I_012 AK_II_012 AK_III_012
13 AK_I_013 AK_II_013 AK_III_013
14 AK_I_014 AK_II_014 AK_III_014
15 AK_I_015 AK_II_015 AK_III_015
16 AK_I_016 AK_II_016 AK_III_016
17 AK_I_017 AK_II_017 AK_III_017
18 AK_I_018 AK_II_018 AK_III_018
19 AK_I_019 AK_II_019 AK_III_019
20 AK_I_020 AK_II_020 AK_III_020