Course Information

MWF 4:10-5:00p YOUNG 198

Instructor: Mimi Tsuruga
Office Hours: W 1-3p, Location to be announced each Monday.

Office Hours Location This Week: 3/30 Picnic!


Sections TA name [email] Calculus Room hours
E01T 4-5pWICKSN 1020 Henry Kvinge hkvinge TBD
E02T 5-6pWELLMN 115 Shawn Witte slwitte Th 3-5pm
E03T 6-7pWELLMN 115
E04T 7-8pOLSON 217 Xiaozhu Li xxili T 3-5pm
E05T 8-9pGIEDT 1006
E06T 3-4pWELLMN 229 Henry Kvinge hkvinge TBD
E07T 5-6pWELLMN233 Brittany Leathers bleathers TBD

Syllabus & Calendars & Grading Worksheet



COURSE ID: tsuruga40955

Hand-in Homework Problem Sets


  • Students MUST work in groups of 3-5 students. Groups consisting of only 1 or 2 students are not permitted. Students are free to choose their own groups and can change groups during the quarter. Different groups may (and are encouraged to) work together. One solution set is to be submitted per group.
  • All solutions must show work. If the shown work is correct and the final solution is wrong, the problem will be marked as correct. If the shown work is wrong and the final solution is correct, the problem will be marked as incorrect.
  • Solutions must be written or printed on (lined or unlined) US letter-sized paper. The Section Number AND Student ID Number of each student in the group must be written on the top right corner of EVERY submitted page. Clearly print the problem number being solved on each page. Do NOT staple pages together.
  • Each sheet (front and back) of the solution set may contain the solution and/or work of at most 1 problem. The solution and work for 1 problem may take up more than 1 sheet.